Pathwork Steps: Meeting Formats

Pathwork® Study Groups

Pathwork Steps was created to support individuals in their awareness, understanding, and personal journey of transformation
by supporting self-leadership.  

Pathwork Steps meetings are faciilitated by Jan Rigsby.  



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 Free Teleconference Meetings in 2018

Wednesdays and Saturdays  

7:00-8:30pm US Eastern Time

Sundays 10am US Eastern Time



Join the meetings via the Internet, a smartphone, or regular telephone or VOIP line. International access numbers are available. 


Participants are asked to read a weekly portion of the study guide before each meeting (i.e., Week 1, Week 2, etc.). These portions are included in each Weekly Self-Study notice that are emailed on Sunday afternoons (or Monday morning, depending upon your location). 


If you have not read the materials, you are welcome to listen in. You may enter or leave at any time; if you join after the initial list of participants has been taken, please introduce yourself after the speaker has finished their sharing. 


We share our personal experiences in applying Pathwork concepts to our lives. The monthly topic and weekly self-study portions are meant to inspire exploration; any Pathwork lecture or concept may be discussed. 


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